Nation Green has a comprehensive understanding of challenges faced launching into the lawn care industry. We provide the infrastructure for start-ups and medium size businesses with support, service and products.

Each year many people start out trying to start a lawn care business. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these start-ups fail within the first couple of years.  Let's look at the top reasons why they fail. If you’re just starting out and only have a few clients, let Nation Green Inc. help you be successful in the lawn care industry!

#5 - Record Keeping

Most start-ups and even some medium sized lawn care companies don't keep good records of their client list, work orders nor accounts receivables. When your customer base grows it is important to have a system to handle the growth. It is impossible to keep all of your records in your head or on scattered paper.

#4 - Constant Cash Flow

This stems from #5, if you don't have a good system in place, customers will get their invoices late then they tend to pay late. Late billing and late payments will have you scurrying for cash. When you don't have constant cash flow you're put in a crisis when you need to pay your own vendors.

# 3 - Low Grade Equipment

Using low grade equipment results in constant breakdowns and non-productivity. Many start-up purchase low grade equipment to get started but don't invest in a quality grade when they make a profit or they're not able to upgrade because they are always in need of cash flow.

#2 - Support Staff

Start-ups are not equipped to have an administrative staff to answer phones and take care of customer service issues. This can be a crucial deal breaker. If a new customer call for service but you're not available, that customer may call the next competitor.

#1 - Start Up Funding

You'll be amazed at all the variables and fixed costs associated in starting a new lawn care business. From licenses, insurance, equipment, and gas and lots of gas.